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A brand new US beauty company have come up with a way for those of us who are freckle-free to try the sun-kissed look out.

Freck Yourself who are based in Los Angeles are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finance their temporary freckle tattoo product.

According to’New cosmetic brand wants to offer users a realistic, semi-permanent freckle stencil that lasts for 48 hours. The more you use the product, the more the spots will fade onto your skin. Some will last 4-6 weeks, the Los Angeles-based company claims.’

The trend for faking freckles has been around for a few years, with marketing a ‘Freckle Pencil’ back in 2014.

However, Freck Yourself view their product as a more natural looking version, as the effects with pencil means all your freckles will be the same size. As well as this, freckles created with makeup are easily smudged and don’t last as long as their new formula according to the creators.

You apply a stencil with small holes of varying sizes to your face, and roll the product over it. The product then seeps through the holes creating your new freckles.

The kit comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball of formu la that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner. The freckle patterns look natural and last 2 days.

Would you try this out or is it a complete waste of your hard earned cash?

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This sums up how we feel about it.

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How Trees Calm Us Down – The New Yorker

Best Tree Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Tattoo art is reaching new heights everyday. Tree tattoos are one from that heights. Tree tattoos are unique ideas. Trees are one of the main element on this earth planet. Tree helps us to take breathe by providing Oxygen. Tree tattoos are one the first choice of those who are nature lover. If you are dedicated to nature and environment then tree tattoos are best designs for you. Like every tattoo has their meaning, tree tattoos also has meaning. Tree tattoos are symbol of life on earth. Tree tattoos also helps to show growth, beauty and strength. Tree tattoos also helps to show that how much dedicated you are about environment or mother nature.

Tree tattoos are unique designs. Tree tattoos are available in every sizes like small, medium, large. Tree tattoos also looks great with other element like leaves, birds, branches, flower and many other tattoos we will talk further. Tree tattoos designs are for both men and women. As tree tattoos are new, but its getting more popularity nowadays. Dead tree tattoo shows that our mother nature is in danger we all have to save tree to save earth. So we all have to save the tree.

Tree tattoos can be done on any part of your body. You can get tree tattoos on wrist, palm, sleeve, arm, inner arm, shoulder, back, upper back, neck,leg, thigh, ankle behind the ear as well. Tree tattoos can be inked with other tattoos like birds, clouds, stars, flowers, quotes and many other.

When tattoo lovers thinks about getting tree tattoos , they often get’em on the back or side. Because tree tattoos are large and wide so they need a good place where they can properly fit , so they can give a magnificent look. But some tattoos of tree can be small according to their sizes, these can be adjustable. Here we collect some of the most beautiful pictures of tree tattoos for men and women.

Tree tattoo design on rib ideas for girls. Tree tattoo design with sun and moon on the upper back. Tree tattoo with mountain hill and river design in a circle for men and women on shoulder. Small size Tree tattoo design on the rib ideas for women. Small Tree tattoos are the first choice of women. Bird sitting on Tree tattoo designs for women on upper back. Medium size Tree tattoo design on rib, stomach, and upper thigh ideas for women. Small Tree tattoo designs on wrist ideas for men and women. Tree tattoo designs on neck ideas for women. Tree tattoos on hand with moon looking cool. Tree tattoo design with quote and bird on the upper back of girl.
Tree tattoo with flying birds in the mirror on the upper back of girl.
Apple Tree tattoo with snake on full back of girl. This tattoo design is the one from new ideas for girls.
One of the best redwood tree tattoo design on the shoulder with quote. This tattoo design is available for both men and women. Simple Tree tattoo and anchor on both legs with inspirational words.
Inner arm and wrist with bird and tree tattoo design looking awesome.
Simple Pine tattoo design on the side back of girl. This pine tree tattoo is looking cool.
Bird and Tree are like family. This tree tattoo with more branch looking very big. On side back this tree tattoos looks very beautiful.
Redwood Tree tattoo design on the upper side back of girl looking very beautiful. Tree tattoos are very beautiful when done nicely.
Tree tattoo with inspirational quote. This tree and quote tattoo is dedicated to her father.
Tree tattoo hanging the heart till dead. This tree and heart tattoo on chest is the unique design for men and women.
Birds and Tree always stay together, this one the best combination. Tree and quote tattoos are also the first choice of women.
Black color Tree tattoo design on the inner arm and wrist looking cool.
One of the best watercolor Tree tattoo design on the full back of girl looking very awesome.
Small Tree tattoo design on the inner arm. This small tree tattoos can be done on ankle, neck and wrist.
Tribal Tree tattoos are also famous. This lower side back tattoo design on girl looking cool.
Different stages of Tree on ribs. These tree tattoos with roots showing the strength of tree.
Tree tattoo design on the rib of girl looking awesome.
Tree tattoo covering the sleeve, shoulder and chest of men.
Small Tree tattoo design on wrist is best placement on body.
Blue color Tree tattoo design on the shoulder and sleeve looking cool.
Tree with more branches and moon tattoo on the belly button.
Cherry blossom Tree tattoo design on the arm of girl.
Tree gives us life, so we should save tree. This tattoo design is exactly saying to save tree – save earth. This tree tattoo in circle on the upper back looking very awesome.
Small Tree tattoo design on the neck. You can also get this tattoo done on your wrist, ankle and behind the ear.
Once again Tree tattoo with quote, moon and sun in circle. This upper back tattoo on the upper back looking cool.
Tree tattoo on arm and side back looking awesome. This is one of the cool tattoo ideas for men.
Tree tattoo design on the sleeve of women. Oak , pine, Bodhi, apple , bonsai , olive are the famous tree which everyone want to get in tattoo art.
Tree tattoo with half and full moon with dogwood at the bottom on the forearm.
Bodhi Tree with no leaves on branches on the full back of girl.
Birds are helping to get out of their friend from trap on oak tree . This one is inspirational tree tattoo design on the back of girl.
Best placement for Tree tattoo. This design is looking cool.
Dead Tree tattoo with roots and flying birds on the rib and chest of girl. Tree tattoo design on the leg. This tree is looks like a dogwood tree.
Bodhi Tree tattoo on wrist and palm is one from the best tree tattoo ideas.
Small Tree tattoo with inspirational quote on the upper back of the girl looking cute.
Tree tattoo design on both the inner arm , this tattoo design is an unique idea.
Watercolor Tree tattoo design. Watercolor is new tattoo idea in tattoo art.
Small Tree tattoos looks cool on ankle.
Bodhi tree with falling leaves in a circle is best tattoo design on the upper back. This Bodhi Tree tattoo is best idea for both men and women.
Tree tattoos are available in every size. This long tree with roots tattoo on leg and ankle is best placement for this design.
Redwood Tree tattoo is also looks like cherry blossom.
This tattoo design is one the best combination of many other tattoos like snake, eye, roots and Bodhi Tree. This tattoo design on leg is suitable placement.
Tree tattoo on wrist and compass tattoo on palm looking unique design.
Small Tree tattoo design behind the ear. This one is very famous tattoo designs from small tattoos.
Small tree tattoo designs on ankle is first choice of women. Tree tattoos are very famous designs. This tree tattoo in circle is giving very attractive look on inner arm.
Tree tattoos are very famous combination with other tattoo ideas like Anchor, heart, star, name, etc.

Image Credit goes to : Pinterest and Tumblr


30 Awesome Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoo designing had emerged as one of the most popular art form from ancient era to the contemporary world. The girls are attracted towards these tattoos more as compared to the boys. Most of the girls commonly choose the butterfly Tattoo designs as a symbol of style. They generally opt of butterfly tattoos on neck, thighs, shoulders, lower back, wrist, or even on feet. The generally have number of butterfly Tattoo designs to choose from. These designs are generally the symbol of femininity and are modified with the use of modern art.

Butterfly Tattoo design is one of the most common Tattoo designs that can be found engraved on different body parts.

Meaning of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The butterfly is always the symbol of rebirth and life, which is characterized by beautiful wings and fragile nature. Butterflies are the loveliest creatures that are seen nature sitting on flowers and spreading blossoms. They add beauty to summer and spring season. Most of the people believe that the butterflies are the images that had given rise to few myths related to magic. It is believed that the wings of butterfly are associated with magic. But the modern day people had taken the butterfly tattoo design as trend and most of the girls go for it.

How to choose perfect Butterfly Tattoo design?

There are various butterfly tattoo designs for the girls with the Tattoo Artists. These tattoo designs are available in different sizes and shapes. You should always give the thought to a temporary tattoo design before opting for the permanent one. If you opt for the temporary tattoo design then you can even change the design with trends as the temporary tattoo fades off with time. Here are some great ways to choose the best tattoo designs for girls:

    Go with the best: Choosing the best design and sexy butterfly tattoo is one of the better options. Girls always want a good tattoo to be engraved on their body. So, if you choose permanent butterfly tattoo then you must choose some evergreen design. Also, it is recommended to choose a tattoo design that is visible on your skin.

    Choose tattoo with contrasting colors: A tattoo having contrasting color must be your first choice. Butterfly generally has the contrasting colors, so you must choose tattoo with contrast so that it appears stunning. It will improve your sex appeal and make you look really hot.

    Butterfly Tattoo with Name: These tattoos had grown popular recently. It might have your own name or the name of that someone special in your life, who you love the most. The name is engraved with the tattoo in such a way that it looks like a part of the butterfly design. You can write your own name or even write the name of that special person.

Things to keep in mind before Tattooing Body parts

Certain things must be kept in mind before and after getting the tattoo engraved on your body. So, follow these tips carefully.

  • Thinks twice before engraving the permanent body tattoo on your body parts. Opting for a temporary tattoo designs is really a great option because it provides you with the flexibility to change the tattoo design frequently.
  • The tattoos must not depict any sexual harassment or vulgarity. It might create embarrassing situation for castes.

  • Always go for the professional tattoo artist for applying the tattoo design on your body. The artists you choose be experienced enough in engraving tattoos on other’s body.
  • Avoid the poor quality tattoos.
  • You should choose trending and quality tattoo designs.

  • Tattoos you choose should be clearly visible to others and should have some meaning.
  • Select the tattoo that is appealing and sexy.

Why to choose the professional to engrave Butterfly Tattoo Design?

Not only for butterfly tattoo design, choosing the professional tattoo artists for engraving the tattoo on your body parts is very important for a safe side. A professional tattoo artist knows all the requirements and good procedure to engrave the tattoo on different parts of your body. He/she can also advice you that at which part you should go to engrave the tattoo and hat is in latest trends. Some of the benefits associated with professional tattoo artists are as follows:

  • They help you to choose from the latest tattoo designs that they have in their collection.
  • They will guide you in the procedure of choosing the tattoo.
  • They will look after each and every precaution that needs to be taken before and after engraving the butterfly tattoo.
  • They are experienced people and know well that how to use the needle in safe way so that it pains less and the butterfly tattoo design is engraved properly.


28 Most Original Finger Tattoo Designs

Let’s talk about finger tattoo designs. People have different preferences when it comes to sizes. People who like tattoos may prefer a big tattoo or a small one, there are also spots perfect for a specific size. Your thigh for example or your full back is a perfect spot for large tattoos. If you prefer a cute tattoo, most people have it at the neck, the ears, the wrists and fingers.

You may have seen some finger tattoos with a word on it, but in this article, we will show you other original tattoos that you could get, such as: a matching couple tattoos who usually have it on their wedding fingers, best friend tattoos or just a tattoo for yourself.

So here are 28 Most Original Finger Tattoos:

1. King and Queen of hearts

This is a really cute tattoo which I think is best for couples out there.

2. Tiger finger tattoo

The artist did a good job with the tiger tattoo of this woman’s finger despite the small piece.

3. Family <3

You can have your favorite word tattooed on one finger.

4. Pattern finger tattoos

You can have even meaningless tattoos if you want to.

5. Pattern tattoo

6. Wedding dates finger tattoo

I’ve always wanted this tattoo idea with my partner. Perhaps in the future, perhaps.

7. Wolf finger tattoo

Here’s another good one.

8. ‘Stay true’

A short sentence in all of your fingers is also a great idea.

9. Skull with flower finger tattoo

Really cute!

10. Love

11. Sword

Cute and funny finger tattoo.

12. Roman numeral tattoos

This is quite bigger than the first couple tattoo, but it’s not so bad.

13. A single rose and a quote

14. Buddha tattoo

A religious tattoo is also cool. The artist once again, did a great job for a very small tattoo.

15. Ribbon

I guess you no longer need rings when you have finger tattoos.

16. Feather finger tattoo

17. Witchcraft finger tattoos

Witches and witch fans, here’s a tattoo idea for you!

18. Elephant finger tattoo

I like this one very much, anything with elephants, I love.

19. Cartoony finger tattoos

One for each finger!

20. Spider finger tattoo

I always drew a spider on my finger when I was younger, back when I was not yet allowed to get a tattoo.

21. Tea and cupcake

These pastel colors are great for fair skin.

22. Totoro finger tattoo

In case you don’t know, Totoro is a very popular Japanese anime character. My kids and I are big fans!

23. Dragon tattoo

What’s more cooler than a dragon tattoo? If you can’t have them big, you can have them in a size that would fit your index or middle finger.

24. Owl finger tattoo

Owl tattoos are very popular. And we have them more in one of our articles entitled, 20 Owl Tattoos That Will Keep you Awake

25. Wings finger tattoo

26. Pharaoh

I think any Egyptian figures and symbols are cool enough for a tattoo!

27. Shark

I love the effect of this shark tattoo. It looks like a vintage photo or poster of a movie.

28. Bow and Arrow

An arrow tattoo means moving forward, it is important that your arrow should be facing up or forward and not the other way around.

No matter how small a tattoo is, they will still cool, and you will be carrying it for the rest of your life. If you want a more detailed finger tattoo, make sure to get a good artist. Not all tattoo artist can produce satisfying result when it comes to smaller piece tattoos, so make sure you get to see some of his work first before you proceed. If you are a married couple but hate to wear a ring all the time, why not get a finger tattoo of your wedding date instead, or have the name of your spouse tattooed on your ring finger? That would be a creative idea!


3D Tattoos


Fantastic 3D Ideas and Designs

Trending 3D Tattoo Designs for Your Body

3-D tattoo art is reality personified. Nevertheless, when you cannot touch the tattooed object, you realize how ethereal 3-D art is. Creation of a 3-D tattoo requires experience and patience. Such a tattoo consists of more strokes than a regular 2-D tattoo and that is why only when you are comfortable with tattoo pain should you go for 3d tattoos. Below is a list of popular 3d tattoo designs that you can try and enjoy some jaw-dropping reactions from your friends.


Do you like to shock people? Well, on seeing a spider or a snake sitting comfortably on your shoulder, people will be in for a shock while you could just laugh it all off. Tarantula and black spiders top the list of favorites when it comes to insect tattoos. Other popular insects include lizards, chameleon, flies, grasshoppers, etc. For those, who are in favor of cute tattoos, they can choose beautiful insects like ladybirds, butterflies, and bumblebees.


A spring, a box, a gun, a cell phone, or anything that is an integral part of your life can be tattooed and given a 3-D look. The imagery could be made even more realistic by placing it at a strategic spot. For instance, you can have a tattoo of a gun placed in its holster around your waist or thigh. Similarly, you can have a tattoo of an iPhone tucked in an armband. As 3d tattoos are all about creating optical illusions, you could choose a variety of real objects and get them tattooed as if you were carrying them.

Abstract art

3d tattoo designs in abstract art include everything that you see, feel, and imagine. If you have seen imagery on a book cover or in a magazine, you could have it tattooed as a 3-dimensional image. Optical designs like spirals, stripes, waves can all be made 3-D and given awesome effects representing hollowness, twist, depth, relief, cutout, etc.

Animals and human faces

Ferocious looking animals make for good tattoos for men. Especially liked by the muscular type, 3d tattoos such as a wolf with clenched jaws baring teeth or an anaconda hissing create an aura of fear and inspire awe in people. Again, you could choose a docile animal to grace your body. Puppies, kittens, cubs, and koalas make for amazing 3d tattoos. Human face revealing myriad emotions is very popular. Smiling Rita Hayworth or some other pin-up girl or an old woman with plenty of wrinkles are good choices for 3d tattoos. For more examples of human faces, you could search the web for 3d tattoo pictures of human faces.


40+ pictures of the best travel-themed tattoos

Sometimes, you get home and you just feel like you need to commemorate the trip with something more than a photo album on Facebook. Sometimes, the trip seems to have sunk so deep into who you are now that it makes perfect sense to have it etched into your skin.

I’ve actually never gotten a tattoo of any sort, though after my first trip abroad I got as far as sitting in the artist’s chair – when he informed me he was insanely hungover, maybe still drunk, and then said, ‘Okay, shake it off. Let’s roll.’

I told him I was having second thoughts and would come back later and never did. And I’m glad I didn’t. My idea wasn’t all that great, and if you’re gonna get a tattoo of something, you should really think it through and be 100%. There are thousands of pictures of travel tattoos out there on the internet. Here are some of the coolest I found.


29 Solid Wristband Tattoos Designs

Wristband Tattoos

Wristband tattoos are the designs may be the most widespread and they are still uniformly enviable. There is no famine of designs, tribal, Celtic, barbed wire, flower, name, solid black designs can be worn a wristband tattoos.

The idea of wristband pieces revolves around the idea of permanently inking wrist with a bracelet or chain type tattoo. There is a misunderstanding that these designs are worn by only men with muscular bodies for flaunting their well built muscles. These designs are also worn by women for exhibiting their womanliness.

People are keen on to get with a tribal wristband tattoos, as their first ink. However, restrained Celtic symbols look fine; as well people are keen on wrapping their loved ones names on their wrists. Women are keen on wrapping a flowery wreath on their wrists. There are incalculable designs for your wristbands. You may be keen on getting something exclusively worn on your wrists for exhibiting your distinguishing personality. We’ve researched a lot about wristband tattoo designs.

We came up with this solid collection of wristband tattoos for you.

Tribal Wristband Tattoos

Polynesian tribal wristband tattoos look very solid.
Wristband Name Tattoos Celtic Wristband Tattoos
Flower Wristband Tattoos

© Turan Baran. Beads bracelet wrapped on wrist and a colorful feather hanging from it.

© Laura Lbeau. Cute real band looking wristband tattoo exclusively worn by a women.


Top 2014 Viral Tattoos | Tattoodo.com

What we are about to share with you is a collection of tattoos shared in 2014 that have gotten the most ATTENTION, HYPE, and have become VIRAL SENSATIONS on social media!

These tattoos were the objects of the most likes, comments, and shares on Tattoodo’s Facebook. The tattoos represent a multitude of styles, including portraits, traditional, black and grey, Japanese, and many others. They don’t always stick to foundations of old school tattooing, but some of these are definitely jaw-dropping.

Enjoy! And let’s get this article to go viral too!!!

Want to see more mind-blowing tattoos?!? Make sure to follow Tattoodo on Facebook.


30 Good Tattoo Quotes You Will Love To Engrave – SloDive

Life is an amazing thing. It has so many turns and twists that a person always keeps wondering about its real nature and the meaning of life. There have been so many philosophers and wise men who have said a lot of things about it. However, no one could really understand it fully. A man keeps striving to deal with its uncertain ways and during the course finds the knowledge of these blessed souls pretty beneficial and kind of interesting. We have seen the practice of sharing ‘thought of the day’ and other quotations in myriad ways in our personal life, as well as our professional life.

It is meant to lend a semblance of meaning and balance to our lives. These days the practice has found a new and fashionable outlet i.e. tattoos. Known as good tattoo quotes, these tattoo designs bear the famous quotations from great men and women as well as singers. They are carved on different body parts and are related to various facets of life such as love, respect, courage, success, failure, truth, etc. Today, we bring for you 25 good tattoo quotes that have been compiled after doing some serious research on thousands of good quotes. Have a look at the list below!

Live Life

The real meaning of life explained in one line through this quote carved on the inside of the forearm.

Rib Tattoo

Dare to see beyond the conventional limits and then you will realise how adventurous life is.

The Doors of Perception

The eternal reality of life finds an expression in this tattoo quote, carved in small letters, on the ribs.

The Doors of Perception

Cool Quote

Forearm tattoo bearing a significant message for those who do not believe in themselves despite having potential.

Show Guts

Inspirational lines inked on the ribs that motivate one to win after any failure.

Eternal Love

Awesome quote taken from Bob Marley’s song and inked in gorgeous combination of black and red on the arm.

One Life One Chance

Calculate your risks wisely and prepare hard for life does not give more than one chance.

Hand Tattoo

Beautiful line inspiring one to be oneself carved on a heart backdrop in black color.

Love Hurts Also

This line points to the sad aspect of love and depicts the state of a broken heart.

Labyrinth Quote

Lines from the song of the famous band that indicate towards the everlasting nature of love.

Be Courageous

Ankle tattoo inspiring one to confront the crises boldly and meet challenges head on.

Hip Tattoo

This sexy tattoo carved above the hips is an expression of confidence that success will follow eventually.

Moving On

This soothing quotation follows a curvy path on the edge of the foot and looks cool.

Life Spirit

Taken from the famous Beatles lyrics, this quote reveals the bitter-sweet reality whether we accept it or not.

Tiny Tattoo Letters

Lewis Carrol’s famous character Alice expressed her heartfelt desire through these words, carved on foot.

Go Ahead

The famous James Dean quote that is full of optimism and positivity for life.

Do What You Love

Carved in bold irregular font, this quotation inspires self-belief and faith in one’s ability.

Pursue Hard

Elegant font design with ‘A’ in bold red, exhorting one to follow one’s dreams.

Quote From Gandhi

Only self-awareness and discipline can lead others to follow the path you want others to follow.

Biceps Tattoo

Carved in bold capital letters, this tattoo with a gun shape hidden in the words looks cool.

Wise Quote

Man himself is the cause as well as the remedy of ills pervading the globe.

Present of Life

Artistic vines bordering the beautiful quote look like an alluring wrapped gift.

Church Hymn For The Condemned

Quote that induces belief in the condemned to brave the odds and bear the punishment.

Church Hymn For The Condemned

Good Quote

Being content with what god has given to us is the real key to happiness, this is the meaning of the quote.

Wrist Tattoo

Quote inspiring one to see defects in self and strive for perfection.

Now that we’ve come to the bottom of the list you have probably saw some good tattoo quotes that you thoroughly enjoy. Getting quotes tattooed on you is always a good decision. Certain quotes have the power to inspire people and remind them of where they came from and where they are going. So, if you know of a good quote, you may want to have it tattooed on yourself.

If you liked this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Religious Tattoos, Awesome Tattoos, Misspelled Tattoos and Chinese Symbol Tattoos.


Temporary face tattoos turn freckles into a beauty trend

A new beauty product designed to sprinkle semi-permanent freckles across anyone’s face has the internet buzzing this week at levels not seen since the dawn of the man bun.

Called ‘Freck Yourself,’ the cosmetic kit is essentially a set of stencils accompanied by a skin-pigmenting formula.

Users place a stencil where they want freckles to appear, roll the formula over it and voilà: the look of sun-kissed skin for two days (or up to six weeks with everyday use, according to the product’s website.)

While the product is not even officially on the market yet, a Kickstarter campaign for the Los Angeles-based company is inspiring news headlines all over the globe right now as people simultaneously swoon over and scoff at the idea.

Fair-faced freckle-seekers seem stoked on the company’s promise of ‘realistic, semi-permanent freckles’ that ‘don’t smudge and last for days,’ and select L.A.-area women who’ve tested the product early have been raving about it on Twitter, Instagram, and in testimonials.

I didn’t really have a Halloween costume this year but I got frecked by @freckyourself & I’m liking how it looks 👌🏽… pic.twitter.com/7Pe0GX5YTr


Guys my friends made this invention that gives you freckles and I tried it today and ITS SO COOL WTF 😍😍 I AM SO CUTE pic.twitter.com/evYViOev8F


@feralcreature still rockin’ her frecks! Get yours too at https://t.co/aj1I2fpSMC #gofreckyourself #frecklefriday pic.twitter.com/WQLoGmvqol


Women who were born with freckles, on the other hand… not so much.

Sure, some are happy to see their natural-born complexions being held up in a positive light, but most of the product’s critics online seem annoyed by the fact that freckles have been deemed ‘trendy’ by the beauty gods.

‘Growing up, the kids in my school that had freckles used to get teased endlessly,’ wrote Sydney Gore for Nylon. ‘If only those freckled kids knew that their condition would become the latest ‘fashion’ trend now… They would probably still be livid.’


i remember wanting to cry in fourth grade when someone gave me shut about having freckles and now people want fake freckles….ok


I think it’s hilarious that fake freckles are a ‘thing’ now. What about my real freckles? They’ve always been my thing.


@FreckYourself is actually kinda making me mad because my freckles were always what I hated most about myself and now they’re selling them.


You can now buy a fake freckle makeup kit for temporary freckles. Like are you kidding me when I was younger I was made fun of mine


I had to come to love my freckles. Now you can buy fake ones?! 😑 hmph.


The Kickstarter campaign is also facing criticism for failing to offer products for darker skin tones, and for playing into the glorification of ‘fake’ beauty.

fake everything. the color of eyes, hair, and now the freckles too. (will we ever be happy about ourselves?) https://t.co/mCFZkhhjDh


Another reason @FreckYourself is eyeroll worthy – totes excludes Black Freckled folks, or rather wannabe black freckleds. Formula too light.


First fake glasses now fake freckles? Get over yourselves hipsters! https://t.co/nGu5LUiMMn


Freck Yourself still needs to raise more than $200,000 in order to meet its Kickstarter goal and fund round one of its mass-produced ‘Freck Kits.’

Nearly 250 people have donated to recieve a kit of their own, but with just 21 days until the campaign ends, this trend could die before it even really takes off.

Those who really want to live the life of a bespeckled beauty can still get permanent freckle tattoos, of course, which have been around for years.